Generations in Solidarity - The Documentary
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"it took us through the darkness... into the light"
The film briefly looks back 25 years ago, when Central America was embroiled in civil war.  Those involved in the film were part of the generation who came through those difficult times, many knowing little what was happening.  Connections between people provided hope and support.  
The response at the Premiere of Generations In Solidarity in 2014 was overwhelming, prompting us to proceed with full release - offering free screenings and DVDs to share the stories and messages in the film.  Below are some comments and reviews.
"I had no idea... the breadth of today's trouble"
While strides were made after the war in several areas, safety and social justice issues have actually increased in recent years - partially because of the economic crisis, but made worse by foreign policies that subjugate developing countries.
"Everyone in (North) America should see this!"
The film touches on elements that are relevant to any ministry, organization or group... exploring solidarity vs. charity, helping people see the power they have for good - in their daily lives, their neighborhood and the world around them.  
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"Generations In Solidarity is the best film I've seen to show what solidarity really means and how important it is for people to connect with each other on a new level."
Reviews for Generations In Solidarity
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"... this film weaves a seamless narrative of oppression, resilience and grace."
"You have absolutely created something that will make a difference in our world."
"It (the film) will create conversations and inspire actions that will absolutely shift us toward solidarity and peace."
The 42-minute film is the perfect length for screenings followed by discussion or Q&A. In addition to entry in film festivals, it is being used in classrooms, group discussions and meetings.
Generations in Solidarity Documentary Available Free for Public Screenings
Chicago Tribune Story
Excerpts from Interview
with Directors Jeff & Rita
How did the idea for the film come about?

It wasn’t like other films that may have had years in planning and development.  The news is full of stories about what’s going on in Iraq after U.S. involvement and questioning what the future may hold.  

Radio Interview - KPFA Berkeley, CA
KPFA Berkeley, CA - Pacifica Radio - Flashpoints Host Kevin Pina interviewed GiS Directors Jeff & Rita Nohner on Thursday, September 4, at 5pmPT.  


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"... the realities portrayed in a film like yours are still heart stopping. Your work honors the Mayan struggle & informs all of us who hide out in a 'comfort zone' of apathy - regarding our culpability in their plight."