Generations in Solidarity - The Documentary
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Photos for the film by Vicki Schmidt and Rita & Jeff Nohner.
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Film Details
Generations in Solidarity is a short documentary that looks at relationships between North and Central America over the past 25 years. It follows individuals as they explore the progress made, new challenges introduced by globalization and the role of solidarity in bringing about change. 

Filmed on location in El Salvador, Guatemala and North America - this 'no-budget' production was Directed by Jeff & Rita Nohner and made possible by equipment, professional services and post-production expenses donated by Life Image, LLC.  Volunteer resources contributed their expertise to location production, translation, event coordination and travel planning.  It would not have been possible without the assistance of the staff and linkages within Sister Parish, Inc.

The DVD/Blu-ray disk includes the 42-minute main feature (available with both English and Spanish subtitles), plus extended features which expand upon interviews and stories from more than 20 individuals.  The length is the perfect forum for classrooms, meetings and screenings followed by Q&A... and is free for use by schools, organizations and faith communities... featuring:

Vicki Schmidt, Co-Founder
    Sister Parish, Inc.
Juan Pablo Guzmán Castillo, 
    Iniciativa Memoria Historica (Historical Memory Initiative)
Grahame Russell, Co-Director
    Rights Action
Claudia Hernández, Lawyer and Analyst 
    IDHUCA.(Human Rights Institute of the Central American University)
Carrie Stengel, Executive Director
    Sister Parish, Inc.
Erick García, 
    FLACSO (Latin American Social Sciences Institute)
Greg Huang-Dale, President
    Sister Parish Board of Directors
Leslie Schuld, Director 
    Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad - CIS in El Salvador
... plus many more!

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Marleny, Carrie and Eluvia were captured in this photo by Vicki Schmidt, in a pensive moment while we traveled together in El Salvador. They are in the rose garden that commemorates the site where 6 Jesuit Priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were killed on Nov 16, 1989...
the year after Sister Parish, Inc. was formed.
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Sunset over the Tikal lake region from The Great Pyramid, which towers 115 feet above the jungle canopy.  Tikal was believed to be the center of Mayan culture 1200 AD, is in the north east region of Guatemala. 
Photo by Rita Nohner

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