Generations in Solidarity - The Documentary
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Brief previews of Generations In Solidarity segments and bonus features
A few interview clips from Generations In Solidarity and from the Bonus Scenes menu on the DVD/Blu-ray.
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One of the Bonus Segments on the Generations In Solidarity DVD/Blu-ray is a fun little video of a Guatemalan Chicken Bus trip.
Comments from Rights Action's Grahame Russell - filmed on the steps of the Guatemala Supreme Court building - talking about taking action home.
One of the bonus features - an introduction to Sister Parish, Inc.
Otto Iscaya Tala - former member of the Guatemalan Guerrilla, and Marleny Henriquez, former member of the El Salvador Guerrilla share  part of their story in the film.
Claudia Hernández, Lawyer & Analyst at IDHUCA - the Human Rights Institute at the Central American University in El Salvador - speaking about the complexity of relationship between Central and North America.
Bill Williams, California based social justice advocate, speaking about the new forms of repression of the poor being implemented in a global economy.